Go Run a Dog.


Seriously, put on your shoes and head to your local rescue and bust a poor homeless canine out of dog jail.

Wait…what? You mean you can’t?

Well, maybe you can’t YET.

But we are trying to make it happen across Ohio and hopefully across the whole US of A.


RunningDog is a program that organizes runners and allows them to volunteer their time to take the homeless dogs in our community out for running adventures.


The HOW:

Our core group of runners, better known as the Alpha Runners (yes…really!), has been working tirelessly to tighten ship and craft a well organized program.

We have reached out to the local community and have recruited a spectacular Advisory Board that will guide us through the daunting task of becoming a non-profit organization.

Once we get the federal nod, we will be fundraising and promoting to bring our program to YOU.

The WHO:

Well…YOU. Yes…the success of our program depends on our community showing up. Not just to run, but to promote what we do. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your barber. But most importantly, tell your runner friends and tell your local dog rescue!

We will need support from all areas. Can you help with marketing? Or accounting? Have a friend that makes vinyl signs? A cousin that just LOVES giving away stuff to cool dog running groups?

Will we try to get you to run? Of course. Isn’t that what the running cult…er…I mean…community does? But you won’t hear how good it is for your health or how much better you’ll feel or how cool you’ll look in running tights. Nope.

What you will hear is how every. single. run. with one of our homeless dogs will be a small victory. Every moment that someone spends with a slobbery wiggle butt (the dogs…THE DOGS!) is one less moment that they are locked in a kennel.




Right now we are Akron Ohio based. We are in a few different facilities but we are spreading like a bad weed.

The WHY:

This is simple.

In 2015, 3.3 million dogs entered the shelter system in the US.

670,000 of those were euthanized.


The main reason is illness. (Can’t argue with that.)

The second reason is aggression. (We are runners, not trainers. Can’t fix this one either.)

The third, and the one that we can directly impact, is due to over crowding.

There are a hundred different reasons that I can tell you as to why RunningDog creates more adoptable dogs. But simply put, a dog that has a regular schedule of physical exercise is less likely to show behaviors that turn potential adopters off.

If you were caged 24 hours a day, would you be grumpy? A little pissed? Feel a bit stir crazy? Sure. Dogs, in this sense, are no different than you.

But take a dog out on an hour long jaunt, tucker him right out, let him sniff all the things and pee on all the things. Do you think that he may act a bit more balanced when the Smiths decide to check out the dogs at the shelter?


~B Dillon~